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Whether your needs include a simple logo design or a nationwide campaign, Shri Krishna Ads. Pvt. Ltd brings the depth of experience to provide custom solutions for both the clients and business-to-business marketplace. Our services includes

 Stepny Covers

 Dealer Boards


 Foam Banners

 Flex-frantlit board

 Flex-backlit  Glowsine  Board

 Synthetic Posters

 Wall Printing

 Tin Board With Wooden frame

 Tin Plate

 San Sade back mirrer of the car

 Key Rings

 All Type Bags (Like in Roto, Canves, Tetron, and imported Material Bags)

 Parmoshan bag stand 

 Cap & T- shirt


 Sanpack Sheet

 San Board Sheet

 Gift Novelties


Our Forte                                      
Shri Krishna Ads. Pvt. Ltd. works one-to-one with a client to thoroughly analyse and understand the needs, industry and the potential targets. Then, we draw on our pool of resources and nationwide specialists to build a team that will provide a custom solution that fits your unique needs. Our production unit is well-equipped and we possess highly skilled and talented workforce. Key to our efforts is our own people, whose talent and creativity are dedicated in doing our best at all times. Technology also plays an important role in making it possible to achieve higher standards

List of machinery:-

Super Planta (Foam Banner Printing Machine)      Size - 35"*50" (4 clour)

Super Solna  (Stepny cover Printing Machine)     Size - 18"*25" (4 clour)

Flex Machine (Mutto)                                      Size - 10.5  (feet)

Steching Machine in the house of Shri Krishna. 

Our Quotations/Rates                 
The rates will be the best in the industry in light of the quality of the products. Kindly send in your tailor made or customized needs and we will immediately send you our quotation with complete product specifications.


Research & Development                 

We have invested a substantial amount in our research and development department. Constant research and development on a regular basis helps to keep us updated with the latest in the field Advertisement. R & D department is headed by team of technologists who maintain close association with clients and vendors.



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